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Torn between playing a table or a slot? This is your answer! Wolf Run Hot Roulette is new to the DoubleDown Slot Lobby, combining the classic Wolf Run Slot with the excitement of the Roulette Wheel. Play the Wheel or Take your Free Spins during Bonus Rounds. The choice is yours!

Wolf Run, a legendary favourite, illustrates the beauty of Native American Culture and the significance of the formidable Wolf. A symbol of loyalty, guardianship and courage, the Wolf takes its rightful place as a top hunter in this game.

Let's Play

Wolf Run Hot Roulette is played on 5 Reels with 40 paylines. Wins are generated from left to right. Available for fun on the "Run" on mobile.


The Wolf Howling at the Moon is the "Wild" which can be applied to every symbol except for the Bonus Scatter. These wilds are stacked! 5 of a kind wins 1000 x credit value.

Both the Timber and White Wolf are next in value. 5 of a kind wins 400 x credit value

Both Native American Tokens are also equal in value. 5 of a kind wins 250 x credit value.

Ace and King wins 150 x credit value for five of a kind.

Queen, Jack, Ten and Nine wins 100 x credit value for five of a kind.

What is Credit Value? For example, when you are playing 10,000 Total Bet per spin.

40 paylines x 250 Credits=10,000 Total Bet. Therefore, your Credit Value is 250.

Bonus, Bonus, Time!

The Dreamcatcher is the Bonus Scatter Symbol. Three Scatters initiates

a Bonus Pick and nets 2 x the Total Bet. Take your pick of either the Free Spins Bonus or the Hot Roulette Bonus.

Free Spins Bonus

You are awarded with 5 Free Spins that can be re-triggered with three Scatters, up to 255 Free Spins.

Hot Roulette Bonus

You are awarded with One Ball Roll. You can press and drag the ball or press Auto-Roll to do the work for you.

If the Ball lands on 1-6 you win 1 x Total Bet

If the Ball lands on 7-12 you win 2 x Total Bet

If the Ball lands on 13-18 you win 3 x Total Bet

If the Ball Lands on 19-24 you win 4 x Total Bet

If the Ball Lands on 25-30 you win 5 x Total Bet

If the Ball Lands on 31-36 you win 6 x Total Bet.

Once the Ball lands on a number, that number becomes grey in colour. If the Ball lands on the Zero an Extra Ball Roll is awarded, and all grey numbers light back up to their original colour. The Bonus round ends if the Ball lands on a grey number or after 200 Ball Rolls have been played.


A familiar tune accompanies your spins except for a drum roll which plays as you wait for those two Scatters to turn into three and of course the Wolves still Howl in celebration when you win.

Good-Luck Everyone!

Double Down Casino chips hold no real-world monetary value and cannot be traded for any tangible products or services

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