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GroundHog Day
Whether it was Puxatony Phil or Wiarton Willy, groundhogs everywhere saw their shadows. 6 more weeks of winter! I know some of you are laying on a beach and although I am terribly jealous, I will pretend to be happy for your good fortune.

What to do now?

I guess I could go to a movie but that requires many steps. Pile on winter gear, start the car, if I can get into it, warm it up, scrape scrape scrape, hope the plows were out etc. Never mind, I think I will stay in and play my favourite DoubleDown Games.

I will treat myself to a night out, right here in the comfort of my warm living room. For the cost of a movie I can buy a chip package that could keep me playing long after that angry green action hero saved the world and got the girl!

I do love all the free chip codes DDPC Shares so kindly posts, but occasionally, I want them all at once.
When I was a new player I felt a little hesitant about buying chips on-line. I will be honest. I was one of those gullible newbies who clicked on a “Free 10 000 000 Double Down Casino chips!” link, which gave my computer a very nasty virus. Please don’t ever fall for one of those scams. If it looks too good to be true, it is. Don’t do it.

DoubleDown Casino is the only authorized seller of chips and buying from illicit sellers puts your own info at risk and violates DoubleDown’s Terms of Use and could result in banishment. That would be terrible. So, don’t do that either. It is explained in further detail here. ... d-sellers-

Now for those chips. (Paid for in USD). Conveniently located at the top right of the lobby you will see a BUY Chips tab over your balance. This will bring you to the menu of chip packages. There are six options from The Beginner Package to the big Kahuna, The Holy Rollers Package. Depending on your Diamond level there are also Loyalty Points to be gained.

Explained here, ... oints-work

Now I usually take advantage of a “Chip Sale” offered quite often by DoubleDown. These are posted on their App page as well as right in your lobby. If you LIKE their App page these sales and free chip offers will show up on your Facebook Feed. Here’s how to get your bankroll, ... own-Casino

You may see an “EXCLUSIVE CHIP SALE OFFER” pop up when you enter your lobby. Click on the offer itself to take advantage.

Once you have made your purchase you will receive your chips within a minute or two if not instantly, as mine have always showed up. If you are using the Facebook App you will receive a notification that your receipt is ready. Through your receipt will be E-mailed to you. Whatever your app there will always be a receipt. I always love a receipt! ... s-purchase

Now if you encounter any problems with chips, gifts or promotions look no further, ... Promotions

Stay warm or sun screened, wherever you may be. I am off to play in a few tourney’s. Good-Luck Everyone!

Double Down Casino chips hold no real-world monetary value and cannot be traded for any tangible products or services

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DDPCShares is not endorsed or affiliated with the Double Down Facebook game, Double Down Interactive LLC, IGT or their affiliates.