How to unlike a Double Down Promotion Code page (option 2)


If you are getting rogue advertisements about double down promotion codes you are subscribed to a scam page. This will explain how to unlike the page

How to "Unlike" a Double Down Promotion Code scam page:

1. Click on the Double Down Promotion Scam Page, you wish to "Unlike" and hover your mouse over the "Liked" button.

2. Select Unlike from the menu that appears

3. Report the page by clicking Image

4. Select Report/BLOCK & follow the on-screen directions

Reminder: Just because you unlike a Double Down Promotion Code Scam page, if you have friends who have not unliked the same page then anything they share or like or post from these pages will still show up on your newsfeed as well. So it's important you warn any friends that may have liked one of these scam pages.

Always Remember:

Do not share, click or download anything unless you're 100% sure of the source's authenticity. If you are not sure about the double down promotion code site you are looking at you can private message any of our staff members over on our forums

Please do not advertise a suspicious double down promotion code page on our forums as it is against our terms of service

If you or your friends are an avid double down casino player or are always looking for double down promotion codes take a moment to share this page or comment below.

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