How to unlike a Promotion Code Scam Page (Option 1)

"How to unlike a Fake Double Down Promotion Code Facebook Page"


I decided to make this Tutorial since for one, many people do not know how to unlike pages and two, many people do not realize that Reporting a Fake/Scam Facebook Page and unliking a page are different steps.

If you have an offending Double Down Promotion Code Facebook page under your Facebook likes you have the ability to unlike the page and remove their posts from your timeline which will remove their bogus and offending feeds on your as well.

Go to your own timeline page by clicking on your name and click on the more link. You will see a dropdown. Select likes from that list.

Next, hover your mouse over the upper right side of each image and you will see the "like" button appear as well as the drop down menu. The last option will be "unlike". Click it to unlike the offending page.

Refer to image below:


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