Tips on avoiding Double Down Promotion Code Scams

If you have found a page that claims to give you free promotion codes have a look at this check list to protect yourself


Here are some tips on how to avoid becoming a victim to Double Down Promotion Code Scams:

1. If you have to like a page in order to gain access to it, it's a SCAM.

2. If the free chip amount being offered is for an abnormal amount (example: 10 million-50 million), it's a SCAM.

3. If there is a "To Qualify" and a STEP 1. followed by a STEP 2. and so on, it's a SCAM.

4. If the Double Down Promotion Code page recently Joined facebook and claims to be the real Double Down Casino site it's a SCAM.

5. If you you have to Like & Share the page or post in order to be rewarded with the chips, it's a SCAM.

6. If you are asked to take a survey before you can access the page or link, it's a SCAM.

7. If you are asked to download anything it's a SCAM.

8. If you have do anything out of the normal to gain reward/chips, it's a SCAM

9. If there is any mis-spelling of the words "Double Down Casino" in the facebook page and they claim to be a real double down promotion code page you can bet it's a SCAM.

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