Stop the spread of scam double down promotion code fan pages

Double down promotion code scammers will post their scams all over numerous legitimate code pages and double down casino's official facebook page. However, innocent double down casino players who are not educated about these types of scams may like and post as per the posts instructions all over facebook which causes a snowball effect. Double Down Promtion Code scams will populate numerous times on friends newsfeed which in turn will get a few more innocent double down casino players to follow the same deceptive tactics

People running these double down promotion code scam pages will request the viewer to post thank you, or I have recieved these chips before they are allowed to redeem the double down code, which does not exist to begin with. What this does is add a fake validity to the scam fueling it even further.

Below is an example of real double down promotion code scams. Educate yourself on these tactics and do not forget to share this page with your friends


Posted by Vamp

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