The real double down casino page vs a fake

Many of the fake Double Down Casino promotion code Pages often use the exact header and photo's from the real double down casino page to make them look less misleading or legitimate

These pages often have alloted a huge fan base following as it is part of their qualification steps to unlock double down promotion codes that don't exist to begin with.

Be cautious when exploring new double down promotion code pages. The real double down casino facebook fan page has a blue verified check mark next to the page name. If you are looking for the official double down casino fan page look for the blue checkmark of authenticity.

If you are looking for a fan page that delivers double down promotion codes be sure to read our numerous articles on educating yourself between good faith promotion code pages and rouge pages out to steal your information

Below is an image to help clarify the difference between the official double down casino page and a scam page claiming to be official

It only takes one click or one share of a double down promotion code page scam that will start a domino effect. Stay educated.


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