Diamond Codes are Specific 5/10

NO DIAMOND CODES WILL BE POSTED BY DDPCSHARES. THESE ARE SPECIFIC TO YOUR COLOR OF DIAMOND TIER. Just white and yellow. If you did not get an email, we will try to post the codes here. If you need a link let us know.

Just a note for some! Diamond Level ONLY goes up by buying coins. It is not for play. In the VERY beginning they increased you for little things...but now it is totally on sale of coins that your level goes up. Click on the diamond at the top of the game and it shows YOUR information.

Diamond codes are specific to your color. DIAMOND CODES 5/10

WHITE - VXDNQME - 300K - Posted on Page - https://bit.ly/3LVL6HY

YELLOW -IHFLK43 - 300K - Posted on Page - https://bit.ly/3MgpAz9

PINK - HJY5QTW - 400K https://bit.ly/3LLDYOg

BLUE - KPM4DFY - 500K https://bit.ly/3MempIk

RED - DDNOD70 - 550K https://bit.ly/44MTClo

BLACK - ZOBHTC0 - 600K https://bit.ly/3nUjbjN

COSMIC/ GREEN - AEFQHLH - 700K https://bit.ly/3VRerbc

FIRE - 9PS9FVA - 750K https://bit.ly/3VUMizT

ORCHID - FZ8WEBT - 800 https://bit.ly/42M9SkU

SUPERNOVA - V1DLZEA - 900 - https://bit.ly/3O0r95G


If one of these codes is your Diamond color, open another code and replace the code in the address bar with the code of choice. This works on computer only. Copy the code letters and replace the code letters in any code you open, then hit enter again.

We will upgrade this if we get more.

WE WILL NOT be posting Diamond Codes. Only White and Yellow which everyone can get.

As always thank you for being the best part of DDPCShares

~Blondie and ~Luna

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