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Match Maker Game. Have you had the Match Maker Game show up in your challenges in the game? It is one of the side games. For those of you just getting it the first time, I thought I would share some tips.

You can get up to 10 tries at a time. BUT if you do that...and go to play the first game that only requires ONE match lose the rest. The next game you only need about 3 matches to win the points. You need to pay attention so as to not lose your matches. In the beginning match points come very quickly...then they slow down considerably. ALSO, you may have 4 match tries and say 50 points built up. You spend the 4 points and it ends the game, you lose the 50 you had built I try to go to match when I hit the number matches I may need. It is a memory game. You win FREE CHIPS for playing.
There are a lot of the special challenge games that I have never gotten. There is a game where you spins 77 times at any amount and you get 3 million in FREE CHIPS. There is also a bingo challenge. For the bingo challenge the prizes are booster days where you get double the spins and an extra main spin one hour after you spin the first time.

I asked why I had not received these other games and they said they try to get the games out to all the players at different times.

All the codes, all the time for FREE CHIPS Have a GREAT DAY!!!

Posted by Blondie

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