I know this has not been easy. I have written a snippet to every person that sent us a message or an email. I cannot get onto the page with the remaining posts so I cannot respond to the comments. I did see them with a different account and let me tell you they are not very nice. THIS is totally not our fault. We have no idea why Facebook has decided that after 7 years of sharing codes the exact same way they have said we violated their terms. We have no idea at this moment what terms. It is not easy being the biggest and the best.

YOU members have been amazing...I have to laugh, I am getting messages from people I have never heard of, people that did not LIKE the page, people that never posted or even liked a message. Everyone wants their codes. We want to share them.

I find it hard to believe that after all this time people still think we are DDC. They are complaining about gift spins a lot more than the fact that our page was taken down piece by piece. We are fans like you, we have NOTHING to do with game related issues (How many times have you heard me say that?)

I want to tell you the best way to use our webpage. Keep the page open, right click on the link and choose open link in new tab....redeem the code then go back to the open webpage. Use the circle arrow by address bar to refresh often. MUST refresh to see new codes. Easy Peasy.

So many of you will not see this but those of you that do...familiarize yourselves with the webpage, you can go to the forum and get back codes, see up top where it says DDPC Forums. There is also a spot there for questions. We will take a few days before we can get to those...we are trying to notify all our members.

THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT FOR IPHONE USERS, You must go to settings, safari and clear history to keep refreshing the webpage on a phone. On a computer, just refresh. Some say no new codes, need to do this step several times a day. Google chrome on iphone works best for us, just refresh, refresh. We post from 10 - 17 codes every day.

BOOKMARK our page and remember our email addresses [email protected] or [email protected]

We are deleting FLASH codes when they expired so things get out of numerical order but you get more codes on the webpage.

I promise you we are doing our best to get DDPCShares back on facebook. Watch the articles. THANKS!!!

As always thank you for being the best part of DDPCShares

Posted by Blondie

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