Error-Tracking White Page

When you get an you just quit and post ERROR-Does Not work????? DON'T!! Just keep trying. We have known about this since April 4, 2020, it is very frustrating to see your post when we have POSTED THIS for two months. PLEASE READ THE MESSAGES!!!

NOTE: Vamp has been working on this and it HAS improved. This is for those that HAVE NOT YET read this and still keep saying won't work, or blank screen. THANKS to those that Read our articles.

Due to the fact that most of us are at home and redeeming the codes at the same time it is overloading our server. YOU may click a link and get a white page with Error Tracking at the top of the page. This does not mean the code is bad. It means many are trying to redeem. Read the messages and see others are getting it.
circle arrow at the top and it usually works. Another hack it to click the code icon where it says the amount. OR click beneath the icon. I have great success on the computer just hitting the circle arrow in the address bar. [/b]

ON A PHONE: When u get the white screen with errors, on phone, top right on that white page are the 3 dots, then "OPEN with Chrome" OR log on to Facebook through Google and enter the code.

A samsung tablet user (so may work for ipads and tablets) says I hit the three dots on the right hand upper side, choose browser settings then choose CLEAR. So you see there are LOTS of fixes for this.

No matter which thing you try, it WILL come up...just keep trying. It is a valid code. Please do not tell us you cannot get the code or got a white page...all that does is look like you did not read all the posts about this or this note.

We certainly have been busy during this stay at home order posting codes for you. Just a reminder to all the new members...we are not DoubleDown Casino...we do not make the codes so we cannot get you MORE, or BIGGER codes. We are sharing. In fact, asking us is certainly not a good thing to do per our rules. We are posting 12 - 15 codes per day.

Please read all our articles ... nformation

REMEMBER NO GIFS on the page. They slow us down. If you have a comment you want us to see, please send us a private message. We try to get through all the messages but wouldn't you rather have us out looking or more codes!!

As always Thank you for being the best part of DDPCShares

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