Note from ~Blondie and Staff - UPDATED

First of all we would like to tell our membership how much we appreciate them! We have met a lot of wonderful people through DDPCShares. We rely on our members to help us find "special" codes.

Just a few reminders, ~Blondie, ~Rhapsody and ~Luna are all volunteers here. We share codes with you from Doubledown Casino! There is NO reason to give us a MAD FACE when you cannot get a code. Send us a private message. Remember things do not always go perfectly. Sometimes we work for a long time to get a code to you. BE PATIENT! Don't we usually manage to get things straightened out.

If you are collecting codes from DDPCShares page, please be kind enough to LIKE our page, that increases our membership. Yes liking posts and sharing is GREAT but we need you to LIKE and FOLLOW our page. REMEMBER thank DDC on their page, not on DDPCShares. We do not provide the codes, we SHARE!!!

You DON'T want us to be frustrated. When a code does not work for YOU, read the other messages first, clear cache and try a little "due diligence" of your own first. Saying WON'T WORK over and over in the post only makes us upset...and makes us delete the post...there is no recovery from a long post of bad messages. We are a page, not a group, we cannot turn off messages.

In the end, if you cannot get a code, open a ticket with Doubledown and send them the code letters that you are unable to get, EXAMPLE: ABCD4EF Please think before you post.
Be careful what you ask Doubledown, remember we are NOT DDC. If you are unsure, ask us via our inbox.

If you find a code we have not posted it would be great if you sent it to us via private message or if an email to [email protected] Bookmark this address!!!

Read our other articles here: ... nformation
All game or code related questions go to ... quests/new

As always Thank you for being the best part of DDPCShares

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