Doubleldown has sent us to the high roller room for a new game. They have waived the three day playing minimum so you can try the the High Rolller price!

Some members do not want to play this game, or do not have enough coins to play and cannot figure out how to get OUT of the High Roller Room....hence....HELP! I am stuck in the HIGH ROLLER ROOM and I can't get out!

When you post to us, we have no idea what device you may be using...and we only have experience with computer/laptop and iphone and ~Luna adds Android info.

On a Computer or Laptop you hit the back arrow top left, then the house, and choose All slots or Classic. You also can just log completely out of the game and come back in fresh...without a code you will not be in High Roller Room.

On an iphone you hit the back button arrow top left, then the house (or home) in the lower left corner and it takes you back, then select Whats Hot, or All slots. You are out!!

On an Android phone: if in high limit room on an android phone, there is a little home box in left hand corner of the screen. You can hit it and it takes you right the all slots screen.

For all game related questions submit a request with DoubleDown Casino ... quests/new

As always Thank you for being the best part of DDPCShares

Posted by Blondie

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