Note from ~Blondie and Staff

I would like to start by thanking our DDPCShares members for being so loyal and following all the rules. The past few months have been challenging for the staff. We all have personal things we have been taking care of and have tried to keep DDPCShares a very important part of our lives. When there are takes time and is upsetting. 99% of our members seem to recognize this and have been wonderful.

There has been no gifs (large flashing pictures) placed in the responses to codes. This has been super helpful to keeping our page running smoothly. We are tolerant and usually warn several times, but going forward we are tightening up.

There has been no bashing of DoubleDown Casino (VERY IMPORTANT). We try to keep you updated on all things about DoubleDown that we can. Because you post, our TOP FANS have grown!! ... 2/TOP_FANS
If you have any questions or comments please send us a private message. We do our best to answer in a timely fashion.

You have seen a great change when you start playing DoubleDown. They have increased our daily bonus. That has been super helpful. We have for the most part had more codes than normal and the amounts have been great!! More 300K...and a few 500K thrown in. In the first code post daily one of our members posts the total from the day before. Look for it and give them a Like a love or a WOW!

We are blessed with great codefairies that help us daily. Seriously some days ~Rhapsody, ~Luna and myself could not post without their help. YOU too can be a big help, SHARE our page with others. There are so many copy cat and scam pages out there. There are tons of DoubleDown players that do not know we exist or do not know that we post every code in one place, IN ORDER daily!! Please try to tell all of your friends that play the game about us. DDPCShares truly is the #1 Code Sharing Page on Facebook but lets build!!! As of this post our membership is 55,687 members. You only have to LIKE our page to be a member! Share our Codes or give your friends this link

Game related questions, or Thanking DDC please use this link ... quests/new

As always, Thank you for being the BEST part of DDPCShares!


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