Leveling up at DoubleDown Casino

A few days ago in our daily gift box there was a note that leveling up was going to be easier and that DoubleDown Casino had streamlined the process.

You gain player levels by earning Experience Points. You earn Experience Points (XP) for every wager you make in the casino. Not on Bonus Spins.

You can check your level on the main casino screen or on your profile page and you will see a percentage bar showing just how close you have come to completing the current level. It will also show the amount of XP you have spun since first joining DoubleDown Casino.

Loyalty Points are separate from Experience Points. You earn Loyalty Points with every chip purchase.
You can find more information at DoubleDown https://doubledowncasino1.zendesk.com/h ... 7p-btsvf_s

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