NOTE: On 6/22/2019 Facebook changed the name to TOP FANS.

We have had so many questions since the TOP CONTRIBUTOR badges
started showing up on our page. Mostly people write and ask us why they no
longer have a badge when it is removed. Or ask us how to get it back.
DDPCShares has nothing to do with these badges. This badge helps you
stand out to the Page and others. Become a Top Contributor by being one of the page’s most active people that post good content, regularly.

You can turn the badge off in your settings if you choose to not participate.

From Facebook: People can become eligible for a TOP FAN BADGE
on your Page by being one of the most ACTIVE people on your Page, which can include
liking or reacting to content and commenting on or sharing posts. People who qualify
for and turn on top fan badges will have a badge next to their name when interacting
with your Page’s content. They’ll also be publicly visible on top fans lists on your Page’s
community tab.

Top fans can be turned on as long as they have more than 10,000 followers and are at
least 28 days old. Top fans is only available to eligible Pages, not profiles.

WE here on DDPCShares are delighted to see all the wonderful Top Contributors.
Top Contributors to US shows a healthy page. We truly do work hard for you to keep
this a wonderful community where you WANT to come and comment! YOU too can be a
Top Contributor!!! Top Contributors are the Top Fans of DDPCShares.

Thank you for being the BEST part of DDPCShares!

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