Are you getting your gift spins daily? You have to give to get!! Gift spins accumulate! If all your friends that play DDC gave you spins daily…you could only redeem just so many. Some 3, some 4 and some more a day! But the rest are banked! Here is information about where you can see them stored:

Did you know you have to set your page to be able to receive friends?

Are you getting your full amount of gift spins daily?? We LOVE keeping our members informed about all things DoubleDown!!

On PC or LAPTOP go to settings/privacy/How people Find and Contact you/Who can sent you Friend requests – Edit Everyone

On IPHONE go to settings/privacy/privacy settings /Who can sent you friend requests – Edit to Everyone

Send Gifts to all your friends daily and your bank of gifts will build up!

If your Gift Spins should stop working contact Double Down Casino.

Thanks for being the BEST part of DDPCShares!

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