How to Get Email Promos from DDC

Subscribe to DoubleDown Casino promotional newsletter! AKA Email Promos

Contact the Customer Experience team at ... quests/new
to subscribe or update your email address if needed. Promotional email from DoubleDown Casino will come from [email protected].

DDPCShares SHARES email promos daily on our page. However once in a while there are special emails that go out to individuals. Let us know if you think you have one of those "special" emails.

DoubleDown Casino no longer sends out a birthday email because they can no longer capture that information through Facebook due to heightened security. However, if you write them on your birthday and ask about birthday emails they sometimes load an extra 200K in your account for your asking. (No guarantees, but it worked for me).

Always click with caution. There are a number of malicious websites and fake Facebook accounts out there, and they will try to lure you to click with the promise of free chips. They use recognizable names. You can easily identify the official DoubleDown Casino Facebook account as they use blue check marks to identify verified accounts.

Recently DDC changed their link for SOME emails. We have seen a rise on people that use ipad and iphone being unable to redeem those links. POSSIBLY having your own email would work for you? If not, ipad and iphone people should tell DDC they are having issues collecting emails. (not from DDPCSHARES, but DDC emails).

Thank you for being the BEST part of DDPCShares

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