HAVE YOU UPGRADED your DoubleDown Casino APP - A couple of TIPS

Those of you that use phone to redeem codes and are experiencing issues, make sure you go to your APP page and look for DoubleDown Casino and make sure you have upgraded. You may need to upgrade to get new games and to repair little issues that make the games not work properly for you. Lots of changes have taken place. Check regularly.

ON IPHONE: Go to your home page, select the blue App icon with three sticks in shape of letter A. Click on icon and choose upgrades across bottom. Scroll to Double Down Casino upgrade. You should be on WIFI when you do upgrades. Even better plugged in. Your icon will go black while it upgrades, very quick if you keep up with it. (if you upgrade on a different device feel free to share details with me and I will add that here).

Did you know that if you are on a phone you can delete your cache/history and make the
game run better. If you have not upgraded to the lastest version of your phone, DoubleDown Casino may
not run properly for you.

If you are experiencing an issue, black or white screen, game does not open, etc please
read https://www.ddpcshares.com/double_down_ ... nformation articles
we have written to help you navigate DoubleDown Casino and our page.

Please read How to Get Help with Issues:
https://www.ddpcshares.com/double_down_ ... ith_Issues WE need to know the answers to these things if you ask us a question. We have no idea
if you are on a phone or computer etc.

Feel free to ask us a question if you plan to respond. We cannot answer game related questions. See WE ARE DDPCShares: https://www.ddpcshares.com/double_down_ ... DDPCShares!

Thank you for being the BEST part of DDPCShares

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