Did you know if you sign up for notifications from DDC on your phone you get extra coins that pop up and you can add to your bank? You get little notices about special things all related to DoubleDown Casino. These coins and extra spins are not shareable.

On an iphone you go to Notifications, scroll down to DoubleDown Casino and choose Allow Notifications.

When you get a pop up saying you have free chips, or free spins, you just tap the notification and the game opens and coins load.

If you see a notification pop up on your screen while you are using another app, you do not need to act on it right away. If you don't tap a notification when it first appears, you can find it in the notifications center later. Mobile notifications can typically be reviewed from your lock screen or in the notifications center. If you prefer to act on a notification immediately, simply tap it to switch from the app you were using and launch DoubleDown Casino.

To open the notifications center and view your recent notifications, swipe downward from the top of your screen. If you have a notification from DoubleDown Casino offering free chips, choose that notification to claim the chips. Please note that while each device and OS version can alter this process slightly, these are the most common ways to view your notifications. If swiping downward does not open a list of mobile notifications (i.e., messages from your installed apps), check the help site or manual for your device to determine the correct steps to view your notifications.

On iOS, swipe from left to right to open a notification on your lock screen. Tap to open a notification from the notifications center.

On Android, tap the notification.

It is important that you swipe or tap within the relevant notification. Touching any other area of the screen will not trigger the desired action. Also, simply launching the app manually will not activate any offers you may have waiting in your notifications center and could actually remove them with no way to claim them later.

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