I will do my best to explain the smarturl LINKS. When DoubleDown Casino has this link they put a value to it and code letters. They post the link at enter double down in the link. (I will not put the actual link here for obvious reasons) It is ALWAYS the same link each and every single time they post this type of code.

So lets say you are not a person that comes every day to DDPCShares and you come in and start two days ago and you collect a code for 200K and recieve the coins. Now you are at one day ago and DoubleDown Casino has used this link again and it is for 150K...and you click it and it says already used. So you are wondering how that happened??? So you continue on to "todays" codes and there is another DoubleDown Casino Smarturl code for 200K and you click it and get the same ALREADY USED message. AND YOU ARE UPSET.

HERE IS WHAT HAPPENED - When you collected the first 200K you REALLY got todays 200K and that is all you will get because the code is only good until they post a new one...give it a new value and NEW CODE LETTERS. They use the same link but they change the value and code. You almost need to visit daily. But....DoubleDown Casino sometimes skips a smarturl day!

By the same set up as above the first code you got could have said it was for 150K and you get 200K and think WOW I got extra...and even come to DDPC and report I got 200K. YEP...we know that you have redeemed the current days code.

Thanks for being the best part of DDPCShares!


Posted by Blondie

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