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We here at DDPCShares get questions and help people everyday! There are SOME things we can help people with, some suggestions we can give. . Please don't ask us a question WITHOUT giving us your information. There are many ways to play DoubleDown Casino, and many different devices. We cannot guess what method you use.

INFORMATION WE NEED IS: What device are you using? IF computer what browser are you using, what is your operating system? If you are using an iphone, which one, what IOS? Are you receiving any error messages? With NO information we cannot even begin to direct you to assistance.

If you are using an Android, a tablet, Kindle Fire, Alexa etc. cannot help you at ALL. We have no information about these devices.If you have an old phone, you just may need to upgrade to a new phone to play.
If using an ipad you can refer to this article:

I write DoubleDown Casino, and they ALWAYS respond. We get people DAILY that think we are DoubleDown Casino, we are NOT. We are your #1 Code Sharing FAN Page. This page DDPCSHARES is run by ~Vamp, ~Blondie. ~Rhapsody and ~Luna. If you see another page using our links, icons and posts without permission please let us know!

IF you ask us a questions, please come back for our response!!! We work HARD FOR YOU!!!!

BUT we are NOT DoubleDown Casino. Your best bet is to open a ticket with them.

Thank you for being the BEST part of DDPCShares

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