NO CODE BOX How do I redeem codes?

6/24/2018 DoubleDown Casino removed the code box from the "Buy Chips page". Maybe two years ago they removed it from the iphone and from ipad. The only device that still has a code box FOR NOW is Android users.

"There is no longer a space to manually enter a promotional code. To take advantage of a promotional offer, just tap the link to redeem the chips" You must X out any pop up boxes that open, promotional offers to buy chips, voucher page, or pages about games. You must tap continue in code box for coins to load.

DDPCShares has SHARED links FROM DoubleDown Casino for many years. You click the link in our code post and it takes you directly to our forum where you click the link on that page. THAT link can have many different looks. They all work. You no longer can use the 7 digit codes manually. Those codes are there to get you to the link and for record keeping purposes. The Link is above the 7 digit manual code.

They will not be bringing it back. This is how you redeem your codes going forward. It is how I have redeemed codes for many years.

For all game related questions please open a ticket with DoubleDown Casino ... quests/new

Thanks for being the best part of DDPCShares!


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