How to get Notifications and extra games

Remember we were discussing the Match Game and other special games on Doubledown. When you play DoubleDown Casino through Facebook on a desktop or laptop computer, there is an extra way to get free chips through Facebook notifications.

First, you will need to allow Facebook notifications from apps and games you use on Facebook.

Go to Scroll way down! to Preferences
Apps, websites and games and Game and app notifications - TURN ON When you turn it on it will say TURN OFF on your page. You want it to say Turn Off....that means it is ON.

Gives you the ability to use Facebook to log into and interact with third party apps, websites and games as well as connect accounts you have with other apps, websites and games to Facebook.
Under Game and App Notifications, click Edit. Make sure this setting is On.
Then make sure you have set DoubleDown Casino as an allowed sender of these notifications:

Go to
Near the top, you will see a text box with "Search Apps and Websites" in it. Place your cursor there and type DoubleDown, then select "DoubleDown Casino - Vegas Slots" to open the app-specific settings menu.
Make sure to choose Yes in the drop-down menu for "Can this app send you notifications?" This procedure took me a few minutes to figure it all out. Then wait a week and see if notifications etc start up.

As usual, thank you for being the best part of DDPCshares!

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