High Limit Wheel Info

There is a special spin on the game for large amounts of free spins. The Wheel is for playing in the high limit room...watch the Hat with the Wheel at the top of the page on computer on the same line as free spins. Once you hit 100% you get a free bonus spin. They can be quite big.

NOTE: When you get close be sure to watch the wheel, when it is full you do not get a notification that it is full and that you qualify for free spin while playing. Say you hare indeed playing a HIGH LIMIT, you won't get credit for those spins for the next High Limit Wheel if it fills and you keep playing without redeeming.

On the phone the hat is at the bottom of the game near the high limit room entrance. The first is 40K max, then 80K and so on...once every few days the wheel resets back to 40K.

Don't Miss out!!

As usual, thank you for being the best part of DDPCshares

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