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~Blondie and ~Luna here!

We are posting codes around the clock for you daily at

Maybe you have noticed that there are 20 codes listed on our daily code page. BUT, if you go to the top of the page where it says DDCForums you can go to where ALL the codes are listed. On a day that you get behind you know you can only redeem 12 codes per hour. We recommend you redeem the codes, then go back and get the Free Spins since they do not count against the 12 per hour. THEN when the hour is up you can go on to our Webpage Forum and go to page two and redeem more codes that are still working. It seems codes stay active for 3-5 days. Sometimes they will start saying already redeemed or inactive and I keep going and find a couple more. If you sign into the page you will see a few other areas where you can comment etc. It is a good idea to get signed up on the Webpage Forum....~Vamp has some things planned for the webpage forum. Get familiar with it. To post on the forum you must be a member.

We are available for questions for problems at our email addresses [email protected] and [email protected] It is a good idea to address to both of us since you never know who is around or available. ~Luna is our night owl. ~Blondie usually starts posting codes when she gets up or by 11am EST. I will be changing coasts and heading to PST time zone next month and you will notice codes starting a TAD later than this summer.

Let us know if there is anything we can do to help you. We will try but remember all game related issues go to DDC. We are not affiliated with them. You can also sign up for emails at this link.

We still do not understand what happened to our facebook page, but we keep posting, it has almost been a year since this happened. You can do us a big favor, give the link to all the people that you share spins with.

WE think that DDPCShares is the most concise way to get all the codes that come out in order. IN fact many other groups get all the extra codes WE find from US. We have a huge database of members that help us out daily and we thank you for that!

I am sure you have noticed we cannot FIX mistakes, we have to sometimes we just leave the code and let you know it is an error...not working. We have posted it somewhere else. If you see a blank page just keep refreshing a few times and you will find the code! Give us a few minutes to fix!!!

As always thank you for being the best part of DDPCShares

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