Facebook Page Not Working


We were So excited yesterday when the page came up for us. But by the time we became administrators again it would not let us in. It will let me in NOT as an admin, I can see your comments and am SO SAD to let you know we cannot figure this out. DDPCSHARES is no longer against their community standards, we can post that....but cannot use the page properly. Vamp wanted yesterday to get the codes going back on the facebook page but suddenly as admins we could do nothing but see page is broken???

We are one step closer...looks like they have released our ban but we may have to start a new page? Stay tuned we will let you know.

IN THE MEANTIME...codes continue as usual. Someone please share this on the page. We cannot.

As always thank you for being the best part of DDPCShares

~Blondie and all

Posted by Blondie

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