Black screen codes not Loading

I am not sure if I can explain this perfectly. I do not have the experience of having it happen on each device. But I will try.

I like to play in incognito mode and keep my page open for codes. So everytime I tried to log in two nights ago I got black screen. I tried to redeem screen. The next day I was trying to figure it out and when I logged into incognito mode there was a button that said Block third party cookies with the over push button to turn it on or off I pushed it to the left and got right into game.

Today one of our long time members said for two days he had not been able to get in. THINKING I had the solution I sent him what I had done. He said he was on a android and when he saw the accept cookies he did and bingo his game worked.

I do not know how to explain this for each device but look and look for how to accept cookies. It is facebook not us. I was just out looking for codes and saw on another site many people complaining they could not play. HOPING this helps you. You can write me at [email protected]

As always thank you for being the best part of DDPCShares

Posted by Blondie

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