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Vamp here. We have a wonderful way that our community members can help contribute to ddpshares absolutely free by joining a community called the PI network and help us gain what is called "PI coins"

Let me explain :)

The PI Network is an app you can download to your Iphone or Android from the app store that generates "Pi Coin" for both yourself and the user that referred you. PI coin is an upcoming digital currency that will be released to the mainstream market sometime in late 2021 or early 2022. Think of it like Bitcoin. You must have heard of bitcoin by now. It was a digital currency that took off from 10 years ago and is now worth a lot of money. With the success of bitcoin came many copies, or alt coins, which derive from the same concept of "mining" coins by solving complex algorithms. That sounds complicated and boring. And it sure is.

Alt coins come and go. They get hyped and disappear.

Pi Coin is different. You don't mine Pi Coin in a typical way by using resources. Pi coin is simply given to you, every second depending on how many people referred you within the app. More people you refer to the network, the more Pi coin is given.

So what does this have to do with ddpcshares? Well right now these pi coins are worthless. There is no value associated with them. However, in time there may be value. So what we are looking for is for community members to help us get these Pi Coins for when, or if they do have value. Then, those free coins can then be traded for real money which in turn can be used to maintain ddpcshares.

I recently sent an email out to our forum members in regards to this request and I want to list below the frequently asked questions that came back.

What is Pi coin?

Pi coin is a digital currency that is given to you by having an app called the "pi network" on your mobile device. The more people you refer to the network, the more Pi coin is generated in your account

Is the Pi Network a free app?

Yes, there is no charge for the app

Is it safe? Is this a scam?

Yes, this is safe and no this is not a scam. Both app stores in Iphones and Android have listed the Pi Network app for over a year with zero issues

I don't get it. Why is ddpcshares requesting fans to donate digital currency?

Just like if we had a donation button, or a go fund me page, this is just another way you can give back to the ddpcshares community by providing a resource that may have value in the future. Best thing about it is it costs you nothing!

This all sounds fun but I have no interest in downloading an app. Am I still able to get promotion codes from ddpcshares?

Absolutely! If you don't want to contribute that is perfectly fine. Our site will remain the same and you can continue to redeem promotion codes. Its just a request. It is entirely optional

Do I need to use the app to generate these Pi Coins?

No. Once the app is installed you only need to open the app once a day and click generate to continue to generate coins for yourself and the one that referred you. Then you can close it

I heard mining digital currency uses resources. Will this affect my phones battery or performance?

No, this digital currency is not mined in the traditional sense like Bitcoin. The app simply gives you coins every second for having it on your phone. You do need to open it once every 24 hours for it to continue to generate for both you and the one that referred you

Do i need to keep the app running?

No. You simply open it up once a day. Then close it.

What personal information does Pi Network request when I sign up?

Pi Network captures your name,

If you choose to sign up to Pi network with Facebook it will have your email, name and profile photo

If you choose to sign up via phone number it will request your name and phone number

Is my name, facebook profile/phone number safe on the app?

Yes, Pi network has their own privacy policies in place. Which Ive personally read. They respect your privacy

This Pi Coin stuff seems cool. Do I generate Pi coins too?

Yes, you do. by simply having the app on your phone. You generate Pi Coin for yourself and for the one that referred you. The more people you refer, the more you generate

Ok so I downloaded the app, ran it for awhile but I don't want it anymore. Can I uninstall it?

Yes you can. Just uninstall it how you would uninstall any app on your phone.

Does this have anything to do with double down casino?

No. ddpchares is a fan site created to share promotion codes in a safe environment. We are not affiliated with double down casino or their affiliates in any way. It is just a site that is run and maintained by regular people and fans of the game!

This sounds great. Ive used ddpcshares for years! How do I help contribute!

Open your app store on your phone

Search for "Pi Network"

Download the Pi Network app

Run the App

It will ask for your referral code. use: "Grassman23"

Say yes to notifications (to remind you to open the app once a day)

Follow the on screen prompt

You are done! You can now close the app if you wish

Don’t download an ad! The app looks like this:


**I really should have thought of a better referral code upon signup but it was a few months ago and I didn't have this donation idea in mind during that time and I cannot change my referral code now

If you have any questions or concerns in regards to this request you can reach out to us by following this link: ... E_WITH_US!

Thank you for being a part of this community. Both new members and those that have been with us since the beginning. You are so valued. We love you all. We are still working on our facebook issue. There will be an announcement about that in the coming weeks.

Much love


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