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Asking DoubleDown Casino for Assistance with "Already Redeemed" Error Code
  Post by: Blondie

If a code does not work for you and it works for everyone else and you get already
redeemed it usually is redeemed. FIRST try changing browsers, and
clearing cache!!! Then I tell people to go to DoubleDown Casino and ask them if you received the
coins. Each code has a special link. We only use DoubleDown Casino links to share. They are located
on our code page, NOT on our Facebook page, and each has a MANUAL CODE.
The manual code is still the main driving force for EVERY code.

TAKE that seven digit manual code (Codes look like this: ZYXWVUT) and
ask DoubleDown Casino politely if you have already redeemed this code. THEY actually will tell you the
date and the time the coins were loaded into your account. ... quests/new

Remember we SHARE codes, we do not make them. So if you are redeeming in multiple places
at multiple times you will run into duplicates. Keep a log of all codes redeemed.


We are often asked how long before codes expire. Flash Codes are the easiest, they have a
definite time of 6 or 12 hours.

There are so many conflicting reports about the length of time codes last that I asked DoubleDown Casino directly.

“How long the codes are active for can also vary based on the promotion so I can't give you a definitive answer on when they expire. However, all of the codes do expire usually within at least a day or two of being posted so we suggest you redeem them as soon as possible at your earliest convenience. Some stay active several weeks, some several hours.”

"In general, if you aren't sure whether the free chips were delivered tap the promo link again. If you then see the message that you have already redeemed the promotional offer or that it is expired,
that means the chips were already added to your account or the code is expired and you can no longer redeem it."

In MY experince (~Blondie), I have found most codes stay active about 3-5 days. Best of Luck Gaming!!!

Thank you for being the BEST part of DDPCShares
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  Post by: Blondie

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