GAME Activity Page Updated to include Phone

Game Activity Page
Did you know you can check to see which friends are sending you gifts. You only can redeem 3 – 15+ per day (I am told it can go up to 30 free spins) depending on your Diamond Club level. The most recent people that send you gifts are the ones you collect first. But you can check back and see how many are waiting in your bank and which people consistently send you gifts. You can send as many as you have friends playing the game each day. Any gift spins you earn come from your bank.

Check your ACTIVITY by computer here: Click on Activity at the top of the page to see who has sent you FREE SPINS.

From phone to view header ACTIVITY click the link: THEN: In Safari, you can request the desktop version by clicking the box with the up arrow in it. This should be in the bottom center of the screen. When the options come up, Request Desktop Site can be found by scrolling to the right. Its position might vary somewhat, but it always will be in that menu.

In Chrome for mobile, click the three dots in the lower right of your screen, then scroll down to find it in the options there.

Not all sites support this option, though, so not every page will work. But it's a good thing to try if a site doesn't look right on your phone. (This TIP might help you in other areas as well.)

Diamond Club Levels
Diamond Club is the loyalty program that rewards you for buying chips at DoubleDown Casino. It is a free program. Instead of the standard 3 gift limit, your tier can qualify you to redeem up to 30 gifts per day. Buying chips qualify you for more for a period of time. Check your level and your benefits by tapping or click on the Diamond Club logo in the casino lobby. Each tier offers increased rewards and privileges.

Thank you for being the BEST part of DDPCShares

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