Keeping up with the new 7 Digit codes

I find so many people have a problem telling what letter or number is being posted. I write all codes down, so I myself have confused letter Z and #2. I have confused an I (i) with the numeral 1. Keep a close eye on the digits those of you that post manually.

One of our members at DDPCShares wrote this little reminder to help you decipher what letter or number is being posted.

For everyone who gets confused if letters are zeros or o's or ll is i's or L's-- if the o is elongated (0) it is a zero. if it is and L it will look like this (L). if it is an I, then it is an (ii) so remember, L =L I = ii and O =O and 0 = zero. hope this helps.

Codes usually expire in 3 to 5 days. Depending on the type of code. Flash expire in the amount of time posted.

There is no longer a list of active codes. They all became inactive when they changed to 7 digits.

Thanks for being the BEST part of DDPCShares!

Posted by Blondie

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