We need your help!

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We need your help!

Post by Vamp » Sun Jan 17, 2016 4:32 pm


Hey fans. Please take a moment to read this if you care about the future of DDPCshares.com

Community, for the last 3 years this website and facebook page has been dedicated in providing a safe place to share and discuss all things double down casino while providing all released promotion codes without any obligation to share, like or give out personal information. This journey has been incredible. I couldn't ask for a better team or community to make all this possible.

Although, I admit it was not without headaches. Between multiple server crashes, facebook page takedowns, numerous hacking attempts and other unforeseen circumstances it has put me and our team in personal distress and myself in financial distress. We have always overcame our obstacles and have been there for each other.

I have also provided the funds needed when our expenses exceeded our revenue (google adsense). You see, those advertisements that you especially see on our promotion code page are there for a reason. Like any advertising if what is offered is of interest to a visitor and they use that ad to gain information or make a purchase this site makes money (pennies). It is not much and fluctuates on a monthly basis.


This website and community receives a boatload of traffic and I will try to put those numbers in perspective for you.

To be considered a "successful" website, web administrators consider around 10,000 page views a month by visitors acceptable.
To be considered a "very successful" website web administrators consider around 100,000 page views a month outstanding

as of this post ddpcshares.com (this site) receives between 75,000 and 100,000 page views per day!


Here are our stats for the entire month of december:


This website is nothing short of a behemoth monster.


With such a demanding site comes demanding cost.

This traffic takes a lot of servers space and bandwidth to keep online which is provided by hostgator.
daily backup service provided by codeguard
anti hacking, anti bruteforce and cacheing service provided by cloudflare
part time development team for programming
domain hosting costs provided by namecheap
private whois protection for domain provided by namecheap

This is why we need advertising because the aforementioned services have monthly or yearly fee's and for the most part give or take it is manageable.

As of 2016 I have hit another roadblock that has proven extremely challenging. You see I (Vamp) am Canadian. So all site and personal revenue is in our canadian currency. This website and all its expenses are in american currency. With the current status of the american dollar my buying power is severely decreased

Let me explain.

For every american bill that costs me $100 a month it now costs me $130 canadian and it is only going to get worse. $30 might not seem like much but when you run a website that costs over $15,000 USD a year to maintain that is an extra $4500 out of my pocket based on current exchange rates that I don't have (and it is only going to get worse)


As a whole we never asked any of you for anything in return for this site but today we are now asking for a donation if you can afford it. Of any amount. And if you cannot afford a donation that is fine. We will never change our policies or guidelines and always be here for you. I am just looking at the forecast of numbers for 2016 and it is pretty ugly.

A like or share on our facebook post would be considered a donation as well

Thanks for your time.


We are not double down casino
You are not purchasing chips or anything related to double down casino
you can donate with any creditcard if you do not have paypal
you do not need a forum account to donate
please use the donate button below
this is a one time optional donation
you will have access to our site and services regardless if you donate or not
we are not double down casino
you are not purchasing chip packages for double down casino
all donations will go towards the expense and maintenance of ddpcshares.com
any questions or concerns please reach us at [email protected]
also, we are not double down casino



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Re: We need your help!

Post by gknapp » Sun Jan 17, 2016 7:48 pm

Wasn't much but I hope it helps. You all have done a great job. Thank you


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