all of double down casinos promotion codes are listed here and posted on our facebook page
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Post by Pink » Sun Jan 31, 2016 11:28 am

As most iOS mobile app players are aware, recent Apple iOS updates started messing up the code links where they stopped working like they should. But a work-around was found and most were able to then start using the links again.

However with the last APPLE update even the work-around started having issues and once again many were not able to use the links. I played with my iPhone and the links this morning and FINALLY found a work-around to the work-around and hope this tutorial helps those having issues.

Below are my step by step instructions along with screenshots for visual but please remember this new work-around still may NOT work for everyone.

So if all else fails, using a PC or MAC to redeem codes still works great too(if you have access)!


Easy STEPS BELOW to NEW Work-AROUND... The KEY is for those who use the standalone FB app is to NOW leave the FB app and use your "SAFARI APP" as noted in instructions below! ~Pink

1. Open SAFARI app on your device and go to" onclick=";return false; (bookmark our website for easy access next time)
2. Open up code post
3. Click top left icon (4 black lines) to change post to READER VIEW
4. NOW you can click CODE URL LINK
5. Then CLICK TAP TO PLAY and then OPEN

Game will now load redeeming chips!!! NOTE: As before, when the game app Opens with a popup image/promo from DDC, X out of that image, then click TOP right game setting icon followed by BACK arrow to get code to go thru.

PREVIOUS iOS CODE REDEMPTION WORK-AROUND INSTRUCTIONS(that still works for those using older iOS software

STEP 1: After getting to code post CLICK the 3 lower right hand dots(as shown in image below) then chose "OPEN IN SAFARI". NOTE: If you don't see the 3 dots, try clicking the "SHARE" link (very TOP RIGHT of page) and that should bring up the "OPEN IN SAFARI" option.**** If you do not see either then try the top left 4 black lines to change to READER view, then proceed...

STEP 2: When OPEN IN SAFARI reloads page THEN you will click Redeemable Code Link.

STEP 3: If you get a BLANK page just click the RERESH icon & see Step 4.

STEP 4: Click "Tap to Play"

STEP 5: Choose OPEN & the game app should now load as normal. NOTE: *See STEP 6 if the game app opens with a POPUP AD/OFFER from DDC and a TRICK to get the code to come through.

STEP 6: If the mobile app opens with a POPUP offer from DDC, try the following TRICK!

1st X out the ad/offer…. Next Click the Game setting icon followed by the BACK ARROW and that's it… You should then get the CONGRATULATIONS box to COLLECT chips and you are all set.

Remember we are just regular players like you and a FAN page for DDC ONLY, so for game or code related issues you can always contact DDC support directly by clicking the following l ink:

Happy Safe Gaming everyone! ~Pink


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