UPDATE: Wonder Cards

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UPDATE: Wonder Cards

Post by Blondie » Sat Jan 21, 2023 4:35 pm

We have an UPDATE for you on Wonder Cards. You must make sure you are betting enough to get Wonder Cards. When you select an amount a box will open and let you know if you are betting enough for Wonder Cards and Bingo. The more money you get the higher your bet needs to be.

Many of you may have gotten Wonder Cards in the right column with Daily Challenges.

Trying to explain in my own words will be difficult. I want to make sure those of you that have gotten the cards know that even if you do not FILL the card, you can get coins or more cards for duplicates.

Also that there are 10 categories. Using your mouse or finger you can swing to the right or left for more. Click on the first card and you will see at the bottom there can be a special draw. There is an arrow where you can scroll through each category looking for spins. If the special draw is grayed out - that means you have gotten all 8 rewards. Each section has 8. I redeem all my Wonder Cards, then go look for rewards. If I get more cards as a reward, I start over. Rewards can be cash, or cards.

You can earn them from the Daily Bonus Challenge and the weekly Pyramid League rewards, but otherwise you'll need a win of 20x your wager in a single spin to get a card pack.

For more detailed information please see https://doubledowncasino1.zendesk.com/h ... nder-Cards at Doubledown.

Best of Luck to you!

As always thank you for being the BEST part of DDPCShares!

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