Code Not Working on First Try

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Code Not Working on First Try

Post by Blondie » Thu Mar 08, 2018 9:00 pm

Many of you are having trouble with codes. You try it, it does not work for YOU. Read the other messages and see that some are redeeming. I wrote directly to DDC to ask them about this since it happens to several of you. They replied: "If you seem to be having trouble redeeming a promotion, it may simply be due to the number of players attempting to do so at the same time. In times of high traffic, the offer applies successfully, but there is a slight delay before the confirmation message appears. If you are already playing the game by the time the promotion is applied, it is likely that your chips balance is changing rapidly, making it harder to be sure when the free chips are added."

When you redeem a not forget to click on the pop up box (computer) if you X it won't get coins. Used to come in automatically when page opened...but not anymore! I highly suggest you keep a running list of codes, often members redeem elsewhere or before code is posted on DDPCshares Facebook page.

Many of you are reporting back later that you were indeed able to redeem the code. Try clearing your cache. IF you still cannot redeem, please take your question to DDC support at

Thanks, ~Blondie

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