How to get Notifications and resetting Facebook permissions

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How to get Notifications and resetting Facebook permissions

Post by Blondie » Sat May 28, 2022 9:47 am

Getting Notifications is a Facebook-facing feature that DDC has very little control over. But they sent some help that they believe can get you back to receiving these notifications again, which may have to do with the "See First" permissions associated with our page. I've included a hopefully helpful screenshot, don't forget to click "Update" as the last step.

You'll first want to return back to the DoubleDown Casino Facebook page: > Make sure that you've already "Liked" that page > Select the three horizontal dots next to the magnifying glass icon > Select "Following" > Select "Favorites" > Select "Posts" > Select "Standard" > Select "Update"

Reset your facebook notifications and permissions by going to this article on DDC help pages: ... 0002580931

Lastly, as this is a Facebook-facing feature our information and troubleshooting is very limited, and can only suggest reaching out to Facebook directly for further assistance.

I followed these directions and after two days received a notification. Notifications are the bell at bottom of page on iphone and next to name on computer.

As always thanks for being the best part of DDPCShares!

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