Wonder Cards (02.15.2024)

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Wonder Cards (02.15.2024)

Post by Blondie » Sat Jan 21, 2023 4:35 pm

Wonder Cards add an exciting dimension to your gaming experience, offering opportunities for rewards and challenges. Here's a breakdown to ensure you make the most of this feature.

Betting Adequately for Wonder Cards:
Ensuring your bets meet the minimum requirement for Wonder Cards and Bingo is crucial. When selecting your bet amount, a notification will inform you if it qualifies for Wonder Cards. Remember, higher bets increase your chances of receiving Wonder Cards.

Acquiring Wonder Cards:
Many players have noticed Wonder Cards appearing in the right column alongside Daily Challenges. Even if you haven't completed the entire card, you can still earn coins or additional cards for duplicates.

Navigating Wonder Cards:
Wonder Cards encompass 10 categories, which you can explore by swiping left or right using your mouse or finger. Clicking on the first card reveals the possibility of a special draw at the bottom. You can scroll through each category to search for spins. If the special draw option is grayed out, it indicates that you've already claimed all 8 rewards in that section. It's recommended to redeem all Wonder Cards before searching for rewards. If you receive more cards as a reward, you can start the process again. Rewards may include cash or additional cards.

Earning Wonder Cards:
You can earn Wonder Cards through the Daily Bonus Challenge and the weekly Pyramid League rewards. Alternatively, a win of 20 times your wager in a single spin qualifies you for a card pack.

Additional Information:
https://doubledowncasino1.zendesk.com/h ... nder-Cards

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