Lets keep things professional please

If you want to start a topic about anything not related to double down casino or double down promotion codes you can post it in this area
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Lets keep things professional please

Post by Vamp » Sat Dec 27, 2014 12:27 pm


First off I hope that all of our ddpcshares fans had a happy and safe holiday :) I did for the most part. My daughter got so many gifts it took her 3 days to open them all and she still has 11 to go. However, she got sick christmas eve and was sick all christmas day and now my entire family is sick (including myself). Happy Holidays!

Second, I want to send out a personal thank you to our code faeries Pink and Blondie who kept codes flowing through out the holiday week. Without our faeries there would be no ddpcshares as it is today so they are greatly greatly appreciated. They make this the best fan site for double down casino. Hands down

Now to the meat of this thread:

For the most part our engaged audience is professional, appreciative and patient when it comes to promotion codes or anything else posted in regards to double down casino. We thank this audience and anything written below is not applicable to you.

Unfortunately, there are a few people that do not fit that criteria. I am going to be perfectly blunt and clear here. DDPCshares is run, maintained and managed by people (including myself) that donate their time and volunteer their services to provide a safe and positive environment to discuss all things double down casino. This is no place for negative comments or slander towards our volunteers and it will not be tolerated.

Normally I do not swear in my posts but it also costs a FUCKLOAD of money to run a website of this magnitude. I pay more for our custom servers per month than most people pay to rent an apartment. Our advertising on the site generates revenue to offset the costs but I barely make enough to break even and when we go over our usage restrictions that cost comes out of my pocket and it is not nickle and dimes.

This site is not just about promotion codes either. It is about an environment. A community. A safe and POSITIVE place to discuss all things double down casino.

We don't ask much from the community. We never force you to like or share or do surveys or give your personal information to receive promotion codes or education. We run this place because we want too. Not because we need too.

But if community members make it uncomfortable for our posters where they don't want to volunteer to be here anymore then what? Go back to the scam pages again?

Here are our simple community guidelines we ask you to follow. If you don't you will be banned and removed from the community without notice


Just because I don't post promotion codes often does not mean I am not around. I watch and monitor everything. It is a daily chore.

And Ladies. Don't be afraid to swing the ban hammer. If someone makes you uncomfortable in a post or thread you can make them disappear without my permission.

I made the topic of the facebook post leading here as vague as I could because I am going to wait how long it takes for someone to post "where is the free chips" or similar while I sit here and eat my sandwich. You won't get banned for that post it just makes me laugh a little.

For those that read all this thank you.
For those who embrace the community thank you
And to the code fairies, Thank you.

I will try to give more compensation for your time this year when things (hopefully) settle down.


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Re: Lets keep things professional please

Post by Pink » Sat Dec 27, 2014 12:41 pm

Aweeee, Thanks Vamp.... xox..

You are the founding father of DDPC and I've been with you almost since the beginning & NOT because I have to be, because I WANT to be.. You started ALL of this out of the kindness of your heart (after seeing so many players get SCAMMED by all the FAKE DDC pages) and I thought then as I still do today that that was so AWESOME!!

Thank you for EVERYTHING you do, even from behind the scenes & for the money you pay out of your own pocket to keep us going... It's definitely a TEAM effort here and I could not be more proud to be part of that team for such an amazing community. The haters only make up a SMALL percentage of our audience, the rest are simply the BEST!!

Hope you and your family feel better soon & again KUDDO's to YOU for everything you do!!

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Re: Lets keep things professional please

Post by Wishn4more » Sat Dec 27, 2014 3:25 pm

I agree that there are those who don't stop to think before they open their mouths. :o I for one, do appreciate the time you invest to keep things fun. :P I too have had my fair share of problems on DDC and get angry and frustrated with them as I'm sure others do. The difference is that I KNOW you aren't repsonsible for what happens "over there". Many a time I've been tempted to just forget about DDC and walk away!!!!!! I say kudos to you for what you and shame on those "less enlightened" who think you have anything to do with what goes on with DDC! :roll:

Happy New Year to you and may 2015 have nothing but the best in store for you and be your best ever!!!!
Ted Clark

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Re: Lets keep things professional please

Post by gknapp » Sat Dec 27, 2014 3:54 pm

To Vamp and all those involved with DDPC,

I appreciate you all for the work and time you put in. I too get irritated with DDC but know this site is not DDC. I have to laugh sometimes when you all respond back to a fellow gamer that DDPC is not DDC and you have no control over what DDC does. I hope the ones this post is in reference to read and realize the things are not appropriate.

Thank you for all you do.
Hope you all have a Happy New Year!

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Re: Lets keep things professional please

Post by rossy » Sat Dec 27, 2014 8:08 pm

Hi Vamp, I'm still new to this, but no matter how many times you tell people that DDPC is NOT a DDC site they still don't get it. Since joining I have got nothing but help, friendship & patience. I do read a lot of the comments & am at a loss to see how many people complain about DDC on the Fan page. Also, as Pink commented yesterday, the use of Bad Language on this site & other sites should not be tolerated. There is no need for it. Anyway, I think you, Pink, Blondie & all the other Code Fairies do a great job. Enjoy the rest of the holidays & have a safe New Year. Regards Ros.

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Re: Lets keep things professional please

Post by stish » Sat Dec 27, 2014 11:16 pm

I've been coming to the facebook page daily for codes for a long time. I wouldn't be able to play without it. I never really knew what went on behind the scenes so thank you for this post. I have seen some of the comments you mention and I really don't understand how some people can complain about free codes for a game. I now understand all the work that goes into running this and want to give you my thanks.

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Re: Lets keep things professional please

Post by hippie » Fri Jun 11, 2021 6:58 pm

WOW ~ I just found this comment place ! Hi Vamp ~ Blondie and Luna ~ Thank You for all the codes ~Peace and Rock On ~~~~


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