NEW Gift Spins

Doubledown has changed Gift Spins. Click the mailbox and when the INBOX opens, next to it you will see GIFTS, click that tab and it is easier that EVER to send gift spins from there. The mailbox is located in different places, on a computer it is at the top, on an iphone it is at the bottom. It is a little shaped mailbox that usually has a # on it. That is where you get your daily spin....then the second area is GIFTS, you can send them all at one time!!

WE HOPE to be back on Facebook in 2021. In the meantime the only way we can communicate with you is for you to send us an email at [email protected] or [email protected]

Are you getting your gift spins daily? You have to give to get!! Gift spins accumulate! If all your friends that play DDC gave you spins daily…you could only redeem just so many. Some 3, some 4 and some more a day! But the rest are banked! Here is information about where you can see them stored:

IF you cannot get gift spins or are NOT getting them you need to contact DDC. ... quests/new

As always thank you for being the most important part of ddpcshares

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