Collecting Codes -New Doubledown Rule

February 17, 2020 DoubleDown added a New Rule for collecting codes.

You can only collect 12 codes per hour. So if you are away or only collect every couple days you can collect 12 codes and then you must wait one hour before you can collect 12 more.

IMPORTANT: Free Spins do not seem to count in the total, so if I am collecting and reach 12 THEN I do my FREE SPINS.

This does not include your gift codes that you get from friends.

BUT it DOES include all push notifications you get on your phone.

Many have asked us if phone codes can be shared, they cannot. Be careful collecting phone codes, if you already collected your 12 and try to collect a phone code and get the error message saying you have reached your will LOSE that phone code. It can only be clicked one time and it is gone.

For all game related questions open a ticket with DoubleDown Casino ... quests/new

As always Thank you for being the best part of DDPCShares

Posted by Blondie

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