DO not RELY on your NEWSFEED for CODES

Many of our members have written to us because they are not getting all the codes on their newsfeed. Turns out these members are ALL relying on their Facebook Newsfeed. They have NEVER been directly to DDPCShares Facebook page. I have personally noticed that facebook releases our posts 30 to 50 minutes AFTER they have been posted. WHY wait for your codes??? Visit us directly.

We need your membership! We need you to join our page by LIKING the page at the top! Usually you do not get regular notices of codes on your newsfeed unless you show interest by liking posts, sharing posts, or commenting on the page.

We share 12-13 codes per day most days. Some of those codes you won't find anyplace else. If you do not visit us regularly you will indeed miss updates, articles, NEWS, sometimes games on the page and CODES the most important thing of all. You can use this link and bookmark us or you can just type DDPCShares in the search box at the top of Facebook page.

All game related questions contact DDC: ... quests/new

As always Thank you for being the best part of DDPCShares

Posted by Blondie

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