Video Poker Requiring Flash Player COMPUTER Issues

Video Poker games that require Flash in DoubleDown Casino using Google Chrome.

Some time ago, Google updated their browser and, unfortunately, requires users to now manually approve the use of Adobe Flash every time they open an application that uses it. Along with countless other games, apps, and websites, some games in DoubleDown Casino currently use Adobe Flash, and you will, therefore, need to re-allow the use of Flash when playing on a computer.

The good news is that DoubleDown Casino has redesigned the casino to be less reliant on Flash and made it as easy as possible to assist players when Flash is required! When you first go to the slot selection menu, you may notice small red circles in the lower right corner of a slot's icon. This indicates that the slot requires the use of Flash. To enable Flash in the Chrome web browser please follow the steps below:

In your address bar, to the left of the URL, for example, you should see a small lock.

Please click on the lock icon to bring up a pop-up window.

In the pop-up window you will find an option for Flash that has a dropdown menu to the right, switch this dropdown from "Ask (Default)" to “Allow”

Then select the “Reload” button to the right of “To apply your updated settings to this site, reload this page.” to reload the DoubleDown Casino website with Flash enabled.

After the casino reloads you'll be able to play all the games as normal.
Once you have completed this process, you will not need to repeat it unless you close and reopen Google Chrome. If you close the browser or restart your computer, you will need to repeat this process the next time you first load a slot or game that requires Flash.

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